Woodworking Projects

Included here are pictures of some of the wood working projects of Jack Barr.



John Deer Tractor Model



Tractor left side view

Left side view

Tractor Right side view

Right side view

Tractor Front View

Front View

Tractor Back View

Back view

Tractor Back Wheel

The Back Wheel



Model Heavy Tow Truck, 36 inches long.



Tow Truck right side view

Right Side View

Tow Truck long view on shelf

Long View on Shelf

Tow Truck Front view

Truck Front View

Tow Truck Left front top angle

Truck Left Front Top Angle

Tow Truck Drive side cab

Truck Driver side Cab View

Tow Truck Back view of car pick up

Truck Back View of Car Pick Up lift

Tow Truck above view w/boom extended

Truck above view with the Boom Extended

Tow Truck Boom lifted

Truck Boom Lifted

Tow Truck Long back view on shelf

Truck Long Back View on Shelf

Tow Truck Back end side view

Truck Back End Side View

Tow Truck Right Front angle

Truck Right Front Angle



Model of a Bulldozer



Bulldozer front view

Front view

Bulldozer front


Bulldozer left side

Left side view

Bulldozer rear

Rear View

Bulldozer Right front angle

Right Front Angle View

Bulldozer right front

Right Front View

Bulldozer right side

Right side View



1930 Dusenberg Auto



1930 Dusenberg front

Front View

1930 Dusenberg Left side

Left side view

1930 Dusenberg Right side

Right Front View

1930 Dusenberg top front view

Top View



Combination Lock



The Combination Lock

Combination Lock

Top view of Combination Lock

Top View of Lock

The Combination control tabs

Showing the wheel tabs lined up

When Combination is reached the slots line up

Showing how lock will open when all is lined up



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