Woodworking Projects

Included here are pictures of some of the wood working projects of Jack Barr.



Train Side View

Side view of the entire train as it sits on the shelf.

The Iron Horse Train modeled after locomotives during the Golden Spike era of 1869 in Promontory, Utah. Over all length is 48 inch long. Pattern from Wildwooddesigns

Finished in January 2006, and now sits on my wife's shelves.

Required the use of Scroll Saw, Band Saw, Wood Lathe. Made of Birch and Poplar woods. Dark sections are stained with some parts painted purple for contrast.

Train Front Angle View

View of Train from a Front angle.

Train Engine Side View

Side View of the Engine.

Train Engine Front Angle

Close up front angle view of the Engine.

Engine Drive Wheels

Close up of the Drive wheels on the Engine.

Engine Back & Tender

View of the Back of the Engine with the Tender.


View of the Tender, showing relative size.

Passenger Car Coupling

View of the coupling between Tender and Passenger Car, and front end view of the Passenger Car.

Passenger Car

Side view of the Passenger Car.

Passenger Car Back View

Detail close up of the Back of the Passenger car.

Passenger Car Wheels

Close up view of the Passenger Car wheel assembly


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