Woodworking Projects

Included here are pictures of some of the wood working projects of Jack Barr.



Yard Art

These were made to put out for decorations in the yard during the different Holliday seasons.

Easter Bunny


Penguin Sigh

Santa Canoe

The Canoe is over 5 feet long.

Duck Family


Ginger Bread Express Train

This was a fun project and grabs a lot of attention. Each of the four pieces which make up the train each took a First place in the 2005 Bay County, Fl. Fair, and the entire train combination took the Best of Show in it's Category.

 Ginger Bread Express Engine

The Engine, trimmed with Gold.

 Ginger Bread Express Baggage

The Baggage Car carrying presents for the good little boys and girls.

 Ginger Bread Express Passenger

The Gingerbread Passengers.

 Ginger Bread Express Caboose

Ending with a big smiling Caboose.

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