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Interpretations by Rev. Jack Barr

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It must be stated that there has never been, nor will there ever be, any Prophecy that will, or can, replace any part of the Word of God as given to us in God's Holy Bible. The Prophecies are a supplement, an additional word from God, that will, if from God, reinforce the message that God has given us in His Bible and by which the Bible itself will be the key to understanding any and all prophecies. Any Prophecy, from any source, that is in conflict with God's Word in the Bible, is not of God.

Rev. Jack Barr

Prophecy Question and Answers - Questions I have been asked concerning the prophecy interpretations and the answers I gave.

Comparison of the Prophecies to the Bible - The 1st part, showing that the prophecies from Raymond Aguilera are biblical, Glorifying God as they warn us to make ourselves ready for the return of Jesus Christ. These cover the 1st 1334 prophecies.

Comparison of the Prophecies to the Bible - The 2nd part, showing that the prophecies from Raymond Aguilera about the Destruction of America, is biblical, For God has shown us what He will do to any Nation that first served Him, and then turned away into Idolitry. These cover the first 1466 prophecies.

Comparison of the Prophecies to the Bible - The 3rd part, showing that the Miscellaneous prophecies about the end times from Raymond Aguilera is biblical. These cover the first 1500 prophecies.

A List of Animal Names - There are approximately 40 different names of major characters that play a part in 1200 Prophecies as given to Ray Aguilera by God.
The Animals in the prophecies - who the animals represent as shown in Raymond Aguilera's prophecies from God.
The Alligator - What is happening with the alligator?
The Antichrist - The interpretation of the prophecies about the Antichrist and what he will do.
The Armadillos - They are only in one verse, but it packs some real meaning about the end times.
The Bear - Look out for the Bear, its breathing down your neck right now.
The Beast - The Beast is another name for the Anti-christ, but read here for additional information about the Anti-christ.
The Beetle - The beetle, the beetle, who is the beetle?
The Buffalo (Bison) - There are four verses that seem to have no relationship, but do they tie together?
The Cat, Jaguar, and Mouse - What a combination this is.
The Coyote - The coyote is in your midst. You are rubbing sholders with the coyote right now.
The Dog - There are many of them, but who is the Top Dog?
The Donkey - If you don't know who the donkey is, then look here for the answer.
The Eagles - There are three of them. You think that you know who one of them is, but who are the other two?
The Elephant - You have been taking care of this animal for some time.
The False Prophet - Here he comes, with a different religion to destroy Christianity.
The Fox - An interpretation about the Fox as given in the Prophecies. Including several ideas form others of who the Fox is.
The Goat - The bible tells us about the Goats, but do you really know who they are?
The Hornet - Look at what the Hornet is going to do.
The Horse - There are several different kinds of horses, which one are you?
The Lamb - The Lamb has a message for you, an important message.
The Lion - There is more than one Lion, Look for the two headed Lion.
The Owl - Watch the Owl, for he will show you the time to hide.
The Parrot - See why God calls him the parrot.
The Pig / Hog - You will need to hide from the Hog and all of it's piglets.
The Prostitute - See what the prophecies have to say about each of the Prostitutes.
The Rabbits - There are a lot of them and they multiply fast.
The Ram - This will tell you who the Ram is and what he will do.
The Tiger / Saber Tooth - Well look who the tiger is.
The Red Turtle - Why is the Red Turtle in the game?
The Vulture - What a dirty creature this one is.
The Wolf - There are many of them. They are all around you right now. Do you know enough of God's Word to spot them before they destroy you??

References to Satan - The Condensed references to Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, and The Evil One. This is raw copy as it shows in Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies, before anything has been done with it.. It will run 50 + pages if you print it.
Satan, Alphabetical list - What each of the references to Satan is saying, in alphabetical order.
Satan, Catagory list - What each of the references to Satan is saying, in a Categorized list.
Satan, Part 1 - A description of Satan as shown in the Prophecies and the Bible.
Satan, Part 2 - A description of Satan's Names as given in the Prophecies and Compared with the Bible.
Satan, Part 3 - Satan and the Bible, what has Satan done to the Bible, as given in the Prophecies and Compared with the Bible.
Satan, Part 4 - Satan and the Church, what Satan is doing to the Churches, and the Elders of the Churches today
Satan, Part 5 - What Satan can not do. God has set limits on Satan.
Satan, Part 6 - Satan has a great hunger for the things of God. A hunger to Destroy.
Satan, Part 7 - Satan Eats the saints of God. What Satan will do to you if you let your guard down.
Satan, Part 8 - Satans Attitude.
Satan, Part 9 - What Satan does to People.
Satan, Part 10 - What Satan does to the World.
Satan, Part 11 - What Satan will do in the end times.
Satan, Part 12 - What Will Happen to Satan. God has plans for Satan, and they are about to happen.

Blow the Trumpets in Zion, A Prophetic Book by Jeanne Beech. - This book looks at the what several Prophets, like Raymond Aguilera, Larry G. Meguiar, and others, are saying about what will happen in, and to, America in the near future, and Why.

The Prophecy Time Line This is the approximate order of the events that will happen in the near future, according to the prophecies.


Go to T. Gibson's Prophecy comparisons - Gibson's prophecies and Aguilera's prophecies are compared for a limited number of subjects. Then both compared to the Bible. (Use the Back button to return)


A Fulfilled Prophecy is one where we can see by the events which has happened, and by documentation that the Prophecy has definitely been fulfilled as it had been prophesied.

Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies

Thomas S. Gibson's Prophecies


A Possible Fulfillment of prophecy is one where all the signs point to the prophecy having been fulfilled, but of which fulfillment there is NO definite proof that it has been completely fulfilled.

Raymond Aguilera's Possible Fulfillment of Prophecies

Thomas S. Gibson's Possible Fulfillment of Prophecies


A Partially Fulfilled Prophecy is one where we can see movement, signs, and steps, toward the fulfillment of the prophecy, but the prophecy has not yet come to full completion yet.

Pointers Showing the Partial fulfillment of Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies.

Pointers Showing the Partial fulfillment of Thomas Gibson's Prophecies.


Comments about wild speculations of fulfillment's of prophecies.

The Houses Prophecy - The "House Vision Of The Night" by C. Alan Martin as he received it in 1971, and updated in June 1, 1997. This file and pictures were copied from his site [] for my use in 1997. His site is no longer available on line. In September of 1997, there was posted on his site page, a September Update page. - The "September Update" page had then been removed from his site Within one year, while the houses prophecy remained. To my knowledge, this was the last of his site. I post it here for those who heard about it, or remember it, and can not now find a copy of this prophecy.

The link to the "antichrist", is not active due to the fact that I did not download the picture he has posted as being possibly what the antichrist looked like.

It appears that this prophecy is in the process of being fulfilled when you compare the prophecy to the actual events which happened in America within the last 5 years. He thought it a possibility of then Vice President Gore becoming the next president. And it was close. But that cloud still hangs over the sitting president Bush, and the clouds are becoming darker with each passing month, as of September 2003.

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